My name is Keirra Harding and I am a 22 year old stay at home mom. I am the founder and creator of Wildbug Co. Each and every candle is hand poured by myself in my kitchen in Youngstown, Ohio. 

We believe in striking a match, lighting a candle, and taking deep breaths. Scents have the deepest route into our memory. Taking a moment to pause and revel in the memories that our candles evoke is what we live for. There is something so fu#*ing zen about the motion of a candle flame. 

Our candles are made of cruelty-free, naturally derived soy wax, reusable jars, 100% natural wooden wicks, and plant based fragrances that are free of any and all toxins. Burn candles you can trust. Burn candles made with a little love.


Why do I do this?

Because I love creating. I love seeing others get excited about my creations. I love making others smile. We all know a good candle has the ability to make anybody smile. I especially enjoy making candles knowing that they are safe for you, your pets, and your loved ones to sniff. 


Why Wildbug Co.?
This company is named after my son: Makai. Since pregnancy, he has always been my “Bug”. Over the years of watching him grow, he has remained constant in one thing: he is absolutely wild. Hence, Wildbug Co. This business is a tribute to my unconditional love for my little guy. May he be truly proud of this business and what it has to offer now, and in the years to come.